A Canadian corporation

The market for arbitrators is shaped by high barriers to entry for arbitrators, and information asymmetries for parties looking to find arbitrators due to difficulties in accessing publicly available data and information about arbitrators, and unequal access to that information.

Wasel & Wasel Arbitrator Services Inc. is a Canadian firm operating out of Toronto, with a focus on the Canadian and Middle East arbitration markets, providing unfettered access for the market to arbitrators in a wide range of variety and experience for appointment in arbitration disputes, and provides arbitrators with a platform and ancillary support to strengthen their exposure in the Canadian and Middle East markets and increase their opportunities to be appointed for arbitration disputes.

- Abdulla Abu wasel, Director of Operations

Our Pillars

How we work for arbitrators.

We advocate strong outreach, marketing, and business development for our arbitrators. We provide multiple avenues for arbitrators to expand their arbitration services, ensuring that they are visible to thousands or tens of thousands of potential arbitration engagements, through autonomous mediums and collaboration with third parties and thought leadership platforms.

How we work for the market.

We provide a solution for parties and lawyers looking to appoint arbitrators when facing difficulties in accessing or finding publicly available arbitrator databases that have sufficient information that enables a proactive arbitrator selection process instead of mere recommendations and we increase the credibility of arbitrator nominations via publicly transparent data.

Values that motivate us.

We encourage and find epitome the need for representation of not only the highest regarded arbitrators, but also new arbitrator entrants where we promote and advocate market access to new arbitrators, and encourage diversity by focusing on market access for women arbitrators and equal opportunity for arbitrators of any gender, age or geography, culture, and ethnicity.

Our Experience

Our Leadership

Our leadership team has facilitated the establishment and development of global enterprises and governments for over twenty years, in the Middle East and North American, with experience in leading internationally recognized legal services, and global non-profit rule of law and justice organizations.

Sohair Salam, President

Our Management

Our management is lead by Ivy League graduates and practitioners with substantial experience in the Middle East region, focusing on litigation and arbitration, and who have led several law firms to award-winning practices and quadrupled revenues to eight-figure profits.


Mahmoud Abu Wasel, Chief Executive Officer