Services to Arbitrators


We advocate strong outreach, marketing, and business development for our arbitrators. We provide multiple avenues for arbitrators to expand their arbitration services, ensuring that they are visible to thousands or tens of thousands of potential arbitration engagements, through autonomous mediums and collaboration with third parties and thought leadership platforms.


The purpose of MOR is to situate our arbitrators on the frontlines of the markets; guaranteeing that your name becomes a staple among fellow arbitrators in the industry. We want our arbitrators to become the go-to arbitrators across the globe, and we provide you the leverage to achieve this through the outreach platform we have in place.

Services Provided

Print Media

Print media has been the source of knowledge for the public since the 15th Century; and although digital media has grown rapidly in prevalence, print media still holds gravitas across the globe. WWAS has instituted several mediums for the distribution of your content and thought leadership via print media and has established a partnership with one of the leading legal print media publications in the globe to distribute the content and thought leadership of our arbitrators.

Digital Media

We provide multiple avenues for you to expand your nominations or appointments, ensuring that you are visible to thousands or tens of thousands of potential disputes, through WWAS digital mediums (newsletter, social media, etc.), and third parties such as business associations and organizations, press releases, and leading online thought leadership platforms.

Event Distribution

WWAS also invests in transforming successful thought leadership material into higher budget events. We will track analytics and convert thought leadership content that garners a high engagement rate to webinars and events dedicated to expand the exposure of the authors of the content.

Arbitration Toolkit

In an effort to service parties in a more efficient and expeditious manner, we provide our arbitrators with an Arbitration Toolkit. The Toolkit consists of three components: (1) Access to Jus Mundi, (2) Access to our Scholarly Mirror Board, and (3) Access to our Judiciary Mirror Board.

Tribunal Secretary

To expediate the proceedings and ensure the case management efficiency is maximized, we provide our roster with a world-class tribunal secretary.


Arbitration Toolkit

The Toolkit provides our arbitrators with access to thousands of arbitration documents from across the globe via Jus Mundi, and guidance from professors of law and former judges via our Mirror Boards.

Ghost Written Content

We understand that your schedule limits you from finding the time to draft articles or the content that you wish to publish, however, WWAS has implemented a solution to this obstacle. WWAS engages leading ghost writing firms, that work with WWAS to draft articles on latest hot-topics. This allows WWAS to have articles prepared on a variety of different topics, that you can publish under your name at any given time.

Data Analytics

WWAS provides its arbitrators with data and analytics on readers and potential parties to expand your opportunities in increasing your nominations or appointments. Data analytics includes industries, geographies, and other non-personal data that can be used by you (our arbitrators) to better direct your marketing efforts.


Our mantra is expansion of market access to arbitrators, and expanding arbitrator access to the market, which means that our pricing schedules are very flexible and accessible to arbitrators. Contact us to learn more.