Counsel Build

For Firms

For small to large firms, provide an opportunity for junior to senior professionals anywhere in the world to gain expertise with your firm, make colleagues, and generate income for your firm.

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for professionals

For junior to senior professionals, gain experience in a real arbitration dispute, add experience to your professional history, and connect with arbitration practitioners around the world.

For professionals interested in current arbitrations see available opportunities below.

How it Works


A firm would allow a professional to observe the arbitration proceedings including communication and submissions, and at times, permit the professional to attend any hearings or conferences conducted in the arbitration.


A firm may assign the professional tasks to support the firm in the arbitration such as research, drafting, document management and to join any in-person or remote hearings or conferences, and advocate in proceedings.


Upon completion of the involvement of the professional in the arbitration with a firm, they will have gained experience in an arbitration dispute and may use that experience to further their career and expand their network.