Professional Profile

Osman was born 31 December 1971 in Sakarya,Turkey. He completed his primary and secondary high school education in Sakarya. In 1989, Osman passed his university exam and began education at Ankara University Law Faculty.

He finished his university education in 1993. A year later, in 1994, he did an internship at the Sakarya Bar Association. After passing his exam research assistant in Pamukkale University Ekonomic and Administrative Faculty, Trade Law Department, Denizli, Turkey, Osman began hisresearch assistant duty in Denizli, Turkey.

As soon as he began hisresearch assistant duty, he began his masters education at İzmir, Dokuz Eylül University Law Faculty. His masters education was related commercial law and insurance law. Osman finished his master education in 1996 receiving a masters with distinction of ‘’science specialist’’.

After he completed his masters, he enlisted in the army in 1997, and finished his military service in 1999.

When Osman finished his military service, he returned to Sakarya and opened a law office in 2000. He has been working as a lawyer since 2000.

He became an insurance arbitrator in 2011 and has been working as an insurance arbitrator since then.

Osman went to Paris-France in 2012 at the İnternational Chamber of Commerce for İnternational Arbitration Training. For this reason, he resided in Paris-France for a short period of time.

He went to the Hong Kong Arbitration Week in 2015, attending multiple seminars and conferences on arbitration.

Osman's international arbitration articles have been published in various magazines across the globe.


Istanbul, Turkey



Proficient Language(s)


Main Profession


Current Ocupation


Gender Identity


Date of Birth

December 31, 1971

Bar admissions

Admitted to the Sakarya Bar

Degrees / Certificates / Education

Ankara University Law Faculty
Bachelor Degree

Dokuz Eylul University Law Faculty
Master Degree

İbni Haldun University Law Faculty
International Arbitration

Professional Training

International Arbitration Training

Arbitral institutes that they are listed as an arbitrator with

Turkish Insurance Arbitration Commission
ICC Turkish National Committee
CIETAC Hong Kong Arbitration Commission

Arbitral institutes that they have experience with

Turkish Insurance Arbitration Commission
ICC Turkish National Committee
CIETAC Hong Kong Arbitration Commission

Are they a full-time arbitrator

Part time

Date of first appointment as arbitrator

October 24, 2011

Date of most recent appointment as arbitrator

26 June 2021

Number of appointments as arbitrator


Highest value of arbitration dispute appointed as an arbitrator for

USD 500,000

Number of appointments as chair on an arbitral tribunal


Number of arbitral awards issued


Number of sanitized arbitral awards issued


Jurisdictions they have experience in

Turkish Insurance Arbitration Commission

Applicable jurisdictional laws to arbitration that they have experience in