Professional Profile

Boasting three decades of experience, Patrice Brunet is the founder and managing director of patrice.brunet.avocats. High-profile companies and clients put their trust in this business immigration expert to obtain visas and work permits, to hire specialized workers abroad, or to handle citizenship and permanent residence applications.

In the mid-2000’s, Mr. Brunet was also elected as Chair of the Quebec Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AQAADI). He is the primary point of contact of all of the firm’s clients, who value his discretion, high-quality services, and his advice in building creative immigration strategies.

Patrice Brunet has also been practising sports law since 1995. He is a neutral arbitrator for the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) and for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). In addition to defending many Canadian Olympic athletes in the past, Mr. Brunet served as Chair of the arbitration panel who adjudicated the doping case against cyclist Floyd Landis.

He coauthored the book Le droit du sport au Québec et au Canada, published by Éditions Yvon Blais in 2018.

Mr. Brunet is often invited by Canadian and American media outlets to comment current issues related to immigration and sports law. Winner of the prestigious Arista-Sunlife award, he has also been a guest speaker for the Barreau du Québec and for many organizations and education establishments.


Montreal, Canada



Proficient Language(s)


Main Profession


Current Ocupation


Gender Identity


Date of Birth

October 25, 1969

Employer and/or Professional Affiliation(s)

Member of Quebec Bar and Canadian Bar Association

Bar admissions


Degrees / Certificates / Education

University of Montreal

McMaster University
Chartered Director

Arbitral institutes that they are listed as an arbitrator with

Sport Dispute Resolution Center of Canada (regular and antidoping divisions)
Court of Arbitration for Sport (regular and antidoping divisions)

Arbitral institutes that they have experience with

Sport Dispute Resolution Center of Canada (regular and antidoping divisions)
Court of Arbitration for Sport (regular and antidoping divisions)

Are they a full-time arbitrator


Date of first appointment as arbitrator


Date of most recent appointment as arbitrator

August 2021

Number of appointments as arbitrator


Highest value of arbitration dispute appointed as an arbitrator for

No value in sport - disputes are eligibility-related or require sanctions

Number of appointments as chair on an arbitral tribunal

Nearly all appointments

Number of arbitral awards issued


Number of sanitized arbitral awards issued

Under 10

Number of arbitration disputes they were counsel to

Approximately 5

Highest value of arbitration dispute they were counsel to

No value in sports disputes

Jurisdictions they have experience in


Applicable jurisdictional laws to arbitration that they have experience in


Value of arbitrator liability insurance

CAD 10 million