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Felix Ngalla K, BBA, MA, Q.Arb has been active in the Cooperate, Political, and Social Services sector for decades. Felix is a skilled Arbitrator with extensive experience in Small Business and Non-Profit Consulting, Electoral Policy, Political Campaigning, Business Program Development, Leadership Development, Social Services, and Small Business Development sector, Research and Need Assessment Development, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, Capacity Building, Mentorship, and Civic Engagement. He has served in Leadership and Boards for decades. Politically he has run for office in Canada's Municipally and Federally elections as a Candidate. In public and private, Felix has also served as a Facilitator, Arbitrator, CEO, Trustee, Consultant to Businesses and professional service organizations. He loves his community and spends his free time serving in numerous non-profit and charitable Boards of organizations serving the most vulnerable. He has run for office Municipally and Federally in Canada. Felix uses his expertise to help parties move forward graciously and speaks fluent French and German.

As an Arbitrator, he specializes in: Business disputes, ICBC disputes, Insurance Disputes, Tenancy disputes, Strata disputes, Political and Election Disputes, Family disputes, Consumer Issues, Business Contracts disputes, Human Resources disputes, Wrongful dismissal and employment disputes, Workplace disputes, Real Estate disputes, Business sales disputes, Construction disputes, Social Services disputes, Welfare disputes, and Housing disputes, to name a few.


Surrey, Canada



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Business Consultant

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January 23, 1972

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ADR Institute of British Columbia
Moveon Consulting and Arbitrations

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ADR Institute of British Columbia

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ADR Institute of British Columbia

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ADR Institute of British Columbia

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August 2021

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USD 2 million

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USD 2 million