Professional Profile

Rohan is an arbitrator, mediator, lawyer, and Deputy Judge. He is the principal of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) company, Bansie Dispute Resolution Services Inc. (BDRS).

As a lawyer with almost 25 years experience representing individual and institutional clients, he has appeared before all levels of courts in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal. In addition to his litigation experience, Rohan also represented athletes, artists and organizations in contract negotiations. In 2007, Rohan was appointed Deputy Judge of the Superior Court of Justice, Small Claims Court.

Rohan is a trained and experienced arbitrator and mediator who has been assisting clients and corporations with dispute resolution issues since 1986. Initially his services were performed on a consulting basis, but while practicing law he decided to incorporate arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution services into the scope of his professional repertoire.

Additionally, Rohan is an experienced teacher, management consultant and businessperson with decades of sales, management and facilitation experience, together with advising and working in consultation with senior management of several organizations regarding general, sensitive and complex issues as they relate to technology, change management, human resources, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate objectives and general management. As a facilitator Rohan has guided and controlled corporate and organizational proceedings and events in order to assist groups in working together toward desired outcomes.

He is a former competitive athlete, and together with his University of Ottawa Law degree, also holds degrees in Education and Philosophy from Concordia University, and a Masters of Education degree from the University of Ottawa.

Passionate about helping others to maximize their potential, Rohan continues to be active in community life through his dedication to coaching, mentoring and counselling.

In 2014 Rohan’s book, Eloquence: Public Speaking Skills for Lawyers and Other Professionals was published.


Ottawa, Canada



Proficient Language(s)


Main Profession

Deputy Judge

Current Ocupation

Deputy Judge

Gender Identity


Date of Birth

July 9, 1959

Employer and/or Professional Affiliation(s)

Bansie Dispute Resolution Services Inc.
Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Bar admissions

Ontario - 1997

Degrees / Certificates / Education

Certificate - Education '84;
B.A. - Philosophy '85;
M.Ed. - Psychology '88;
LL.B./J.D. '95

Professional Training

ADR & Advanced ADR - University of Windsor '06

Relevant memberships in professional organizations

Law Society of Ontario
Ontario Deputy Judges Association
County of Carleton Law Association
Association of Workplace Investigators

Have they ever been a judge


Years of experience as a judge


Highest court level appointed as judge

First Instance

Jurisdictions in which they were a judge

Ontario, Canada

Highest value of dispute adjudicated as a judge

CAD 65,000

Are they a full-time arbitrator


Date of first appointment as arbitrator


Date of most recent appointment as arbitrator

June, 2021

Number of appointments as arbitrator


Highest value of arbitration dispute appointed as an arbitrator for

CAD 5,000,000

Number of arbitral awards issued


Number of arbitration disputes they were counsel to


Highest value of arbitration dispute they were counsel to

CAD 2,500,000

Jurisdictions they have experience in

North America

Applicable jurisdictional laws to arbitration that they have experience in


Value of arbitrator liability insurance