Fatima Balfaqeeh, an Arbitrator with WWAS, Appointed as Director of the New Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration Dubai Office

The Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (“SCCA”) has established an office in the DIFC, Dubai, offering integrated arbitration facilities, including a hall that can be used for arbitration and mediation proceedings.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long bolstered its Vision 2030 initiative to become a global arbitration hub; with the establishment of the Dubai office, it intends to further the efforts of appealing to international parties conducting their business in the region.

SCCA established the Dubai office at a fortuitous time, which saw the abrupt abolishment of the DIFC-LCIA Centre last year subsequently resulting in a void in the region’s ADR services. Within the last two years, SCCA has seen a massive surge in caseload and has been immensely active within the region’s arbitration community.

SCCA Dubai will be led by the remarkable Ms. Fatima Balfaqeeh, a current arbitrator with Wasel & Wasel Arbitrator Services, who has been selected to serve as the Director of the office. This step will only further the international reputation of the SCCA, which is currently the talk of the town as Dubai Arbitration Week 2022 kicks off.